California Assembly Bill No. 68

Which has been recently approved by the State, allows for the building of Accessory Dwelling Units in your apartment building. The code allows for building multiple ADU units (up to 25% of the existing units) within an apartment building by easily converting unhabitable areas, such as storage areas, laundry rooms, rec rooms, basements, and even parking spots (as long as the property is within half a mile of public transit). Additionally, it allows for the construction of up to 2 detached ADU units on your lot, depending on the area and configuration



Our Team at CES4 has completed several ADU projects with different layouts and configurations over the last few years. Our ADU team has valuable knowledge and experience regarding all rules and guidelines for ADU developments which makes CES4 a leading design-build company in this area.

Our team at CES4 can provide you with a free inspection and an estimate for any potential ADU development on your property